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“I didn't think of half the sponsors I could reach out to for my work before I got SponsorLeads. Now, not only do I have way more options, but I also have the periodicals they already dealt with, so I can get warm introductions. Amazing.”

Marketing Max

5 out of 5 stars

“SponsorLeads is easily the most affordable and effective source for finding newsletter sponsor leads. It is just easy and the cost is a no-brainer! If we close 1 deal a year from our investment with SponsorLeads, we 6X our investment in them... 5 out of 5 would recommend”

Marketing Max

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Even a small recurring deal will make your money back.


Perfect to get a better idea of what the leads look like.

$0 /month

  • Receive 5 new leads every week
  • Contact info

Do It Yourself

For newsletter operators that want to experiment with outbound sales.

$197 /month

  • Receive previous week's list upon signup (300+ leads)
  • Receive a brand new list every week on monday (300+ leads)
  • Every list has email addresses and/or LinkedIn profiles
  • With the yearly plan you also get all of the lists in the archive (2697 companies, 2078 email addresses)

Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement.

Done For You

For busy newsletter operators that have a million other different things to do.

$597 /month

  • Will send the emails for you
  • Warm leads forwarded to you to have meetings and close deals
  • 0% commision rate
  • Weekly updates and reporting

Invoices and receipts available for easy company reimbursement.

Frequently asked questions

Where do your leads come from?

We look for companies already sponsoring newsletters. Companies that have sponsored newsletters in the past have already demonstrated a willingness to invest in this type of marketing. This means that they are more likely to be receptive to future sponsorship opportunities.

Do you guarantee that these companies will sponsor my newsletter?

We can't guarantee sponsorship, but the companies on our list have demonstrated an interest in this type of marketing and may be open to future opportunities.

Am I going to be competing with other newsletters?

No. We are a tiny, lead generation business and work with a very small number of customers.
And from those customers most of them are active in different niches.

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