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People switch from to SponsorLeads because it has more verified leads, comes without limits, is easier to use (🩶 Airtable), and it's cheaper.

We don't want to 💩 on their hard work, but here's why we think you should make the switch too.

The sponsor leads database you've been looking for!

There are many newsletter sponsor lead databases out there but we've worked hard to balance price with function, while making it a joy to use. So if you're reviewing your options and looking for an alternative to keep reading...

Introducing SponsorLeads

Comprehensive Database

Our extensive monitoring of thousands of newsletters reveals who's sponsoring and who's likely to sponsor again, saving you precious research time.

Detailed Contact Information

For every potential sponsor, we provide up-to-date contact details of key decision-makers, simplifying your outreach process.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our Airtable-powered platform allows for seamless filtering, grouping, and sorting, making it easier to find the perfect match for your newsletter.

Search and see for yourself

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Why Choose SponsorLeads?

Immediate Leads

Gain instant access to a vetted list of active sponsors as soon as you sign up. No waiting, no downtime, just immediate opportunities to grow your revenue.

Daily Updates

Your lead list is dynamic, with daily updates that ensure you have the freshest opportunities at your fingertips. Never miss out on a potential partnership.

Direct Outreach

We provide you with direct contact information, including email addresses and LinkedIn profiles, so you can connect with decision-makers without barriers.

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